The story behind the story of Ben Butler

The play Ben Butler is based on real facts and real people. The play is a comedy, however,Come see Ben Butler in those early dayes of the Civil War, it is unlikely the participants saw the events unfolding in front of them as comedic. They were matters of life and death.

However, the play’s author, Richard Strand, stradles the line between reality and comedy in a way like none other. To quote the New York Times:

It’s part comedy, part historical drama and part biography, often all at once, and sometimes none of those. Yet the show is easy enough to review. Just call it splendid.

. . . .

At the end, it’s still not entirely clear how to classify this two-hour show. But such questions are beside the point. Only one category really matters to theatergoers — good play. Into that slot, “Butler” fits effortlessly.

Undoubtledly, BAT’s 2017-18 season opening play Ben Butler (September 29 thru October 22, 2917) is a good play, great even, but from what facts did the play arise? The best article on the events of May 23, 1861, I have found so far, is from the New York Times, read it here: Great article on the story behind Ben Butler

It is not too early to get your tickets HERE for BAT’s season opening play! (Come on opening night and enjoy BAT’s free opening night party after the show on Seaptember 29.)

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