The $3.00 donation

Today BAT received a donation in the mail. It was a check for $3.00. On the memo line, it says, “Love heals.”

BAT often gets small donations, and BAT is very happy to get them. Most often someone will roundup an online ticket purchase, or they will drop a few dollars in BAT’s donation box. BAT also gets small checks from people using Amazon Smile and selecting BAT as their charity, or BAT-fans linking their Fred Myer rewards card to BAT as a charity.

However, rarely does anyone send BAT a check for less than $5.00.

This check, likely because it was for $3.00, caused me to stop. It is amazing the people will give BAT money. They are not buying anything tangible with that money. They are becoming a producing partner with BAT. They are investing in better live theater. They are becoming part of something bigger than themselves, and they are making it possible for people they may not even know to have access to better live theater. (Without donations BAT could not continue.)

Most theaters raise 40 percent, or less, of their budgets through ticket sales. BAT’s ticket sales are still too high of a percentage of our budget, but your help is changing that and allowing for a better theater experience for you.

So, this $3.00 donation is a gift to BAT. It means the world to BAT. It means someone cared enough to give to BAT expecting nothing more than continued better live theater in return. It was a sign of the love that heals.

Also, this $3.00 means BAT met its donation target for the close of Ben Butler with $2.00 to spare!

Take a moment right now and join this BAT-fan by giving to BAT. DONATE HERE!


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