BAT does not always produce family-friendly shows. This comes, in part, from the idea

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that adults deserve entertainment too. Not every story worth telling is suitable for every young person or those who are easily offended. Some very interesting stories are more suitable for adults.

That said, BAT’s current Holiday show, The Christmas Carol Rag, is family-friendly. It has been drawing very good audiences. It only has one weekend left. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

At its shows, BAT asks patrons to fill out questionnaires. The questionnaires ask a number of questions, like how often you come to BAT shows? Did you eat or drink at a Burien restaurant before the show? And so on. These questionaries are part of the data the Foster School of Business used to determine that, on average, each BAT patron adds $22.27 to the Burien economy over and above the ticket purchases.

Two of the questions are, “What types of shows would you like to see BAT produce?” And, “Name a show you would like BAT to produce?

On one questionnaire, there were these two comments:

What type of show, “Only family friendly shows!” (The highlight was on the quetionairre.)

What show BAT should produce, “The Rockey Horror Show.”

Now, the last time BAT produced The Rockey Horror Show, in 2008, PHOTOS, it was not what I would call family-friendly. But that is just me. Maybe times have changed?

BAT will continue to produce interesting scripts, including those that are not as family-friendly as others. Come take a look, and join BAT from February 16, 2018, through March 11, 2018, for Rapture. Blister, Burn. TICKETS

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