BALL (Burien Actors Lending Library), located at Bumbershoot Books on 152nd in Burien now has over 200 theater books and scriptsBumberShootBooks waiting to lend.

You can see what is in the library HERE.

BALL is part of BAT’s audience outreach. It’s all about you getting the most out of better live theater. You can checkout any book in BALL. All BAT asks is that you return it when done with it.

If you are cleaning your bookshelves and have theater books to share, let BAT know.

BAT will be adding more books and scripts as we have time. BAT is always reading scripts, those that are not e-scripts or manuscripts, that due to copyright issues, we cannot share, will make it into BALL!

233 is just the beginning, and you can always check online to see what is in the library!


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