"Tickets to Hamilton $319.00 to $1325.00 ? I will wait and see it at Burien Actors Theatre . They are known for challenging productions."

George S

Thanks to all that attended and thanks to Eric and Maggie and the entire crew for putting on a show that rivals any show in New York. I have seen many plays in New York.....Phantom the Opera included. However, {BAT's] Ben Butler was the best play I have ever seen. John W.

It was one of the top two plays we have ever seen. Gabriel G.

"I have nothing but positive things to say about the cast, the acting, the story and the venue. Great job on every aspect of this production, from set to concessions and the art in the lounge. Kudos to everyone who put this together, and to everyone who supports this theatre troupe" Amber

From B-Town Blog comments

I am delighted to bring my mother to the BAT gala as a birthday gift!  I think I will go on and buy tix this week, wasn't sure if I should also RSVP.  In any case, the BAT is our favorite Seattle area theatre.  See you next month. Yay!    Holly C

I enjoyed this play thoroughly - funny thought-provoking engaging - we talked about it for an hour after we left. The actors were terrific the writing was sharp, time well spent.

Steve P

I am not sure we (Burien) realize how great of talent we pull in this little city of ours. The BAT has been putting on plays, musicals and all around interesting performances since the 50's and they are still going strong.

Gina T

We are so proud to continue to support BAT! Each year you stretch to present engaging, provocative, thoughtful, and fun presentations. With some of the best local talent in the Pacific Northwest you gather actors, playwrights, stage managers, set designers, and stage techs to form works that make us laugh, cry, and think.

Lance B

Went with some of our with staff and our residents who have some disabilities. The staff and actors were wonderful, very helpful and thoughtful means a lot on group outings.

Mazame M

Air conditioned, comfortable seating, wonderful technical support, snack area, great thought-provoking drama!

Donna V

Great acting and story.  The location is convenient and there's lots of parking.  As a theatre, the seats are comfortable and plentiful.  The stage is large and intimate enough.  Love to come here for theatre!

Sean L

 I am grateful we have the Burien Actors Theater here in Burien......Without BAT we would just be another no-account jerk water town...........BAT brings a positive light to our entire community.

John W

I started out experiencing live theater at BAT. Well, it was BLT then. . . .  We volunteer at 5th Avenue Theater, and at the Paramount. We have held season tickets at The Rep and ACT. We see live theater at many other venues. But, we believe BAT compares very well with these major houses with far greater budgets, and BAT exceeds them frequently. So, we buy season tickets every year and donate our time and money to BAT.

Lance B

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