Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”

For almost two hundred years, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has resonated with readers and audiences.  Dozens of adaptations have been created for the stage and screen, from Boris Karloff’s 1931 signature performance to Mel Brooks’s spoof Young Frankenstein. Joining them will soon be BLT’s own unique version.

We’ve begun our work on our new adaptation of Shelley’s novel, and have just held our first workshop reading with actors and BLT’s artistic team.  As a playwright, I appreciate the willingness of actors to jump in and read a never-before-seen script out loud, tricky archaic vocabulary and all.  Hearing a script aloud allows me to hear things “pop” out uniquely, in a way that they don’t always on the page.

Our composer and costume designer were also present, and shared their ideas about how to enhance the new script’s stage images with music and clothing.   Overall, I came away from the reading and discussion with numerous ideas about how to develop the script ahead of our second workshop reading to be held in June.

-Roxanne Ray

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