BLT at the Wild Strawberry Festival

BLT had a booth at the Burien Wild Strawberry Festival. (Pictures on BLT’s flickr site We had a good turnout of volunteers so I could float about doing a little glad-handing most of the day. What a good feeling that was. Thanks to everyone who helped out. BLT will get all of your names on the website soon.

It drizzled, Seattle sunshine someone called it, all day Saturday. But there were good-sized crowds and when I was at the booth I was always busy passing out flyers. There was hardly ever a lull in the crowd. Due to the cold temperatures I was happy Burien Press was open making all the coffee we could drink.

I got plenty of positive feedback from the people taking flyers. Lots of folks out there love BLT that is for sure. Long gone are the days when 4 out of 5 would say, “Burien has a theater?” Now to sell out more shows!

Most every likes the past few years of shows and those who looked seemed to like the new season. However, there was one gentleman telling me BLT should go back and do the same shows BLT did 15 years ago. Lots of British farces, but no bedroom farces because they were too disturbing. I offered to read any script he would send me the name of, and if he does I will.

Sunday the weather was better, but I am not so sure the crowd was bigger. Still, lots of good feed back. Lots of good help. I would say a good time as had by all.

I am always surprised at who takes a flyer and who does not. You see them coming and you think, “No way.” Then they not only take the flyer but tell you how much the like theater. Amazing. Then you see a sure thing and they turn away. I guess that is part of what makes all this so much fun.

It looks like we passed out between 900 and 1,000 flyers. Now to see if anyone places and order for tickets or donates money before the annual fund drive gets mailed. I would hate to think all of the work and good times not translating into ticket sales or donations. Only time will tell.

Thanks to Discovery Burien for the tent, and now on to the 4th of July Parade!

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