Thank you, thank you , thank you

Burien Little Theatre completed its 30th season. That was no small thing. However, it would have been completely impossible without the outpouring of support from the friends and fans of BLT. Thank you one and all. Thanks to those who donated time or money. Thanks too to those who came to see a show.

BLT is preparing its 31st season. The 31st season is not without its difficulties. BLT’s curtains are too old to be re-fireproofed, so they must be replaced. That is a huge cost for a small theater like BLT. BLT was able to locate some recently used black curtains that, if they pass final fire proof testing, may help defer the cost of replacing the black curtains behind the proscenium arch. However, BLT will have to pay to have the new curtains cut and sewn to fit its stage. In addition, the colored main curtain looks like it will have to be replaced by an entirely new curtain made from scratch. The curtain replacement could cost as much as $6,000.00.

If you have ever thought of helping BLT, now is a good time. BLT needs volunteers. Especially office and business help. If you can offer time or money to keep BLT producing better live theater, or to help offset the cost of curtains please contact BLT at And be sure to follow the development the Fall’s world premiere script about Frankenstein at Finally, follow BLT’s latest on twitter @BLT_tweets.

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