Thank you Breeders Theater!

BLT’s replacement black curtains are now at PNTA to be cut to fit BLT’s space. The cost? $2,500 just to cut them. PNTA certainly earns its money, it is just that $2,500 a lot of money for a little theater.

Just recently BLT mentioned that full set of new curtains will cost about $6,000. $2,500 now for cut the replacement black curtains. The rest is for the new main, the colored curtain in front.

Within minutes of spreading the word, BLT got an email from Breeders Theater pledging a donation to BLT to help with cost of the new curtains. Thank you very much Breeders Theater. You are ever so kind.

If you are like Breeders Theater, a reader of this blog, you too could help BLT. $6,000 is a lot of money to BLT, but BLT’s friends can make this happen and happen quickly. BLT is looking at putting a dedication tag in the new main, thanking those who contribute to make the curtain possible. BLT does not know what the low-end donation to get a name on the tag will be, but I can assure you that the first person to pledge and pay $6,000 will get their name on the tag.

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