Marrying Up in “Frankenstein”

In Western culture, it has been common for women to “marry up” — that is, to marry a man from a class status higher than her own (or her birth family’s).

In Frankenstein, this fortunate opportunity is bestowed upon Caroline — mother of the Frankenstein clan — by Alphonse, who fulfills his duty to a long-time friend by proposing to the friend’s poor daughter.

But that wedding is only the beginning of the story.  This benevolent gesture by Alphonse toward Caroline sets in motion a whole chain of events that continues to affect the characters of Frankenstein even into the hereafter…

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  1. David Ellinger says:

    Good day! This is David Ellinger; I’m the lucky guy who gets to play Alphonse in BLT’s show. I was struck by your saying that Alphonse’s proposal sets the chain of events in motion. Recently, we were talking about Victor and how his personality is formed. Someone asked, “Could it be that, in providing so much for Victor, Alphonse and Caroline weren’t helping him develop a sense of responsibility?” It’s an interesting question: how does Victor’s upbringing make him the person he becomes?

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