Thank you 4Culture

Maggie, who does so much for BLT, was successful in securing an equipment grant from 4Culture again this year. It was not a great amount of money, but it will go far in helping BLT.

4Culture is the funding arm of King County. Its very existence was called into question this last legislative session. 4Culture survived, but just barely. The few dollars it gives BLT allows BLT to update and repair the equipment needed to create better live theater. For those who do not do theater, it is easy to forget how expensive theater equipment is. For example, to add wi-fi to BLT’s house, BLT used $180 worth of cable and $90 for a modem. That does not include the hours of installation running cable from the North Building to the South Building.

It is worth pointing out that government’s investment in arts, like the money from 4Culture, is a good one. For every dollar spent on arts the return to the community is $7. That is the highest return for all of government’s investments. See ICMA Newsletter Oct. Vol. 90 Lead Article (International City/County Management Assoc. whose mission is to create excellence in local governance.)

So, BLT is pleased that it can buy some new lighting equipment. Now to find someone to donate some pipe or provide it at cost. Every step forward makes the audience experience even better; at least that is the goal.

Maggie’s got a pretty good record with grants. I don’t think she has missed one yet. But she needs help. She cannot do everything. If you ever wanted to write a grant, or just want to help BLT by writing a grant, please let BLT know. Send an email to [email protected] Or if you are willing to research what grants BLT qualifies for, that too would be huge help.

Next time you come to a show, look up and see if you can find the new equipment.

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