Thoughts on the Burien 4th of July Parade

For another year BLT was in the Burien 4th of July Parade. This only happened due the help of 18 volunteers. 14 walkers and 3 in the car, and our costumer. It was a great time, as always.

Of course, there is the National Pride thing going on. I love America. In fact, I lover her so much I can see she is not always perfect, but I know she always tries to be better. I would not want to live anywhere else.

Stepping away from the National Pride, there was also the pride of walking for BLT. In years past I stuffed season flyers into unsuspecting hands, hoping they would be read. This year it was hands from the crowds reaching to get a season flyer before we ran out. So many people wanted to know what BLT is up to this year. What great fun to be supported so much by the crowd.

BLT was met with cheers and hoots. Although the latter could have been for me, as I was wearing a housecoat and wig. Burien loves its cross dressers. Hairy legs and all. Of course the hoots could have been for any of the 14 walkers, all who all donned costumes to walk the walk for BLT.

The day was great fun. After passing out 1,650 flyers and 21 pounds of candy, the BLT volunteers got together for a picnic lunch. I would say, β€œA goodtime was had by all.”


Edit – Added costumer to list of volunteers, my bad.Β  HT to Dodi.

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  1. DodiRose Zooropa says:

    Hey – I’m a volunteer too! πŸ˜›

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