Tech Week

It’s the beginning of tech week for the BLT production of Frankenstein. Tech week, usually referred to by theatre people as “Hell week”, is the week before opening, when theatres typically work out the technical aspects of the show, like light and sound cues, costumes, and props. Tonight is a kind of rehearsal called “cue to cue”, which means that the actors, director, and technical staff skip from point to point in the play where a technical cue of some sort exists. For just about everyone involved, it’s a time when there is plenty of waiting around, while designers and techs get things right, and actors get used to how things are supposed to work in the production.

Tech rehearsal for BLT production of Frankenstein

Composer Allan Loucks sets volume levels for composition as Anna Richardson (Elizabeth) waits to continue rehearsal of BLT’s production of Frankenstein – Sept. 26, 2011

Image credit: Craig Orsinger/Burien Little Theatre

We’re scheduled to do a cue to cue of Act I tonight. Tomorrow night, we do Act II.

I’m here tonight acting mostly as handyman, but also watching the show so that I can run the audio program later. Composer Allan Loucks, who composed all of the music for thisĀ  this production, has been helping work out tech issues with sound tonight. He’s setting levels and watching for anything that may not quite work with the action. Light designer Dave Baldwin is setting and running lights. Like Allan, he is also figuring out where his light design may have to be amended to work with the actors, the stage, and the costumes. The actors are learning where their light will be, which is important if they want to be seen.

So far it’s been going pretty well. We’ve lost one light that we’ll have to replace, but that’s been about the only problem. The costumes fit, and the set looks like it’s ready to go.

Break’s over, and it looks like there are more cues to work on…

UPDATE: Allan Loucks is working as a sound composer for this production. His original score for this production is the audio background for the show.

I’ve altered references to Allan to reflect this fact.

UPDATE: Text has been cleared up to make clear Allan composed all of the music used in this production.


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  1. Zeek Twerpy says:

    Allan Loucks did NOT work as sound designer for “Frankenstein”. He worked exclusively as composer.

  2. Allan Loucks says:

    Eric Dickman did all the sound design for “Frankenstein”. Allan Loucks worked exclusively as composer for “Frankenstein”.

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