New (to us) Computer

Good news.  I was just told today that BLT would be getting a new (at least new to BLT) computer.  Hurray.  The one in our office has been in use since the mid-80s, with no ethernet and little to no memory.  BLT’s mailing list has gotten up to 1,700.  That is a big Excel file for the old computer to safely handle.  In a decent sort and it would come crashing down.

This year BLT became a Wi-Fi hot spot, but the office computer could not join in the world wide web.  It did not have an ethernet card, and the price of adding one to such an old computer was just not worth it.  BLT’s “new” computer is internet ready.  Way cool.

I am told it has enough memory to last for a while (we’ll just see how much Windows 8 needs when it comes out).  So far so good.  No monitor, but we have a number of them in props.  I am sure at least one works.

Now on to a laser printer.

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