Feeling welcome at SAAR’S

BLT spends a lot of money to build sets and run its office.  Well, maybe not a lot.  BLT’s annual budget is under $100,000.  Nevertheless, BLT tries to spend as much of that money as possible locally.  By locally, we mean in Burien.  This is not always possible, but BLT does all it can to support Burien businesses, even if it means paying a small premium to buy local.

This means BLT shops at a number of stores in Burien.  Many chain stores repeatedly ask for ID and call the store manager to approve BLT’s checks.  This can be, well, time consuming if nothing else.

I understand the store’s need not to take bad checks.  (Every once in a great while someone writes a bad check to BLT and it bums us all out.)  But I do get tired of always having to stand around while a manager comes over and double checks my ID.  (Maybe I just look seedy.)

However, I was at a local store, SAAR’S.  It is a grocery store that BLT does not shop in all that often, although when we use dry ice SAAR’S is a good inexpensive source.  I was checking out and the manager was called over to pass on my BLT check.  She took one look at the check and asked, “What is the Little Theatre up to?”  I told the manager we had just opened “Inspecting Carol.”  She wished us well.  Said she hoped to catch the show, and signed off on the check.  She never looked at my ID and smiled throughout the process.  It made me feel good.  It is always a treat to feel recognized.

When my ID is checked and double checked, I feel like I am one of the many.  That is part of the process I do not like about using BLT checks, even locally.  So, it was pleasant to feel like I was noticed for putting on better live theater and my ID did not matter.

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