Tommy’s set design is dope!

Spoiler alert!  We will discuss the set design for “The Who’s Tommy.”  If you want to be surprised when you come the show, opening February 17, 2012, avoid this post and the photos within it!

Maggie and I were working on the set of “The Who’s Tommy.”  We were, in fact, painting the set black, laying a base coat for Stevie to paint the Tommy set.  Some of BLT’s friends who organize break dancing stopped by.  They have used BLT’s house to hold dance contests in the past.  They were thinking of using the BLT house again.  Possibly as a fundraiser for BLT.  (Fundraiser for BLT, that sounds sooooo good!)

Anyway, they came in and saw the set design, even before it is painted and claimed, “This is dope!”  What a great idea.  They want to use the set for a dance contest.  I can’t really blame them.

As our patrons know, BLT is an old school gym.  We try to use this to our benefit whenever possible. We change the set around for almost every play.  We are inside the proscenium arch, outside of the arch, to the left, to the right, and then on both sides of the arch.  We added a vomitorium and then took it away.  (Really a vomitorium is just a walk way between the seats, in our case, down the middle with rows of seat on both sides.)

This time. based upon a design from Steve, we split the seats and put the playing space down the middle.  The audience looks across at the rest of the audience.  We hope, when we are done, the set will look like a pinball game (Tommy is the pinball wizard, after all), with the audience on both sides.  You’ll just have to come to “The Who’s Tommy” to see how close we come!  Tickets are on sale now!

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