The First Donation of the 2012-13 Season!

BLT got its very first donation of the 2012-13 season!  What good news.  BLT’s costs are much greater than what can be met by ticket prices.  Without the kindness of BLT’s friends and patrons BLT simply would not exist.

BLT gets a few grants.  However, those are typically directed toward new equipment.  For example, BLT just received a grant from 4-Culture.  It was for $2,000.00, but it must be used to buy lighting equipment.  Don’t get me wrong, BLT loves 4-Culture and BLT definitely needs new equipment.  4-Culture has been an angel.  It has helped BLT get better and better so BLT can continue to present better live theater.

However, equipment grants do not pay for insurance $2,400.00 per year, or rent to the City of Burien, that we are told will go up yet again this year.  Without donations BLT would already be priced out of the home that it has been in for the last 32 years.  (Some theaters, like Driftwood Theater in North Seattle, pay just $1 a year in rent.  BLT has no such deal.)

BLT relies on donations and the pre-sale of tickets.  Yes, you can buy your tickets early!  That too is big help for BLT.  Right now you can buy tickets for “Anna in the Tropics” and “Dead Man’s Cell Phone.”  Within a day or two you will be able to buy season tickets and/or tickets to the rest of BLT’s 2012-13 season!

Please think of BLT during the Summer.  BLT is thinking of you.  It is already working on every show of the next season!

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