I am the person who typically ends up ordering the physical tickets for BLT.  Someday we will get a sponsor to pay for the tickets, but right now BLT does not have a volunteer seeking that out.  (Might you be interested?)

BLT uses Ticketcraft.  It was a legacy from before I started volunteering, and that has been a few years now.  They are fairly easy to deal with as far as buying things from a company over the internet can be seen as being easy.

This year we are a little late in getting things ordered.  First I had/have a serious medical condition.  I was treated for months and will know in a few more months if I am healed, but it took a lot out of me and I had to cut back on my volunteering.  Second BLT decided to co-produce “Anna in the Tropics” with the Latino Theatre Projects.  BLT had to work out dates and other details before we could order tickets.  (BLT shares its space with the Hi-Liners and both groups have to compare notes before a season can be set.)  Third, after pushing the audience a little last year, BLT decided to change part of its 2012-13 season after the close of “Reasons to be Pretty.”  That is late in the process and after I had gotten quite ill.

So, I have been dealing with Ticketcraft this week.  It is a reminder how often words fail us, especially the written word.  Trying to explain ticket prices and abbreviations and where to place them on the ticket is not as easy as you would think.  In person you can point, draw pictures and the like.  Staring at a key board, not so much freedom.

BLT’s tickets are tough in that once again this year, BLT is keeping its $7 Sunday, the best deal in theater.  The first Sunday of every production, all tickets are just $7.00.  OK, but that is just the first Sunday, not all Sundays.  Additionally, this year BLT is bringing back the Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival.  All new works from Washington Playwrights.  All tickets for those shows are just $10.00.  (BLT does not pay royalties, and our audience does not know the shows so there is a bit of a risk for them, so we lower the ticket prices.)

Yes, the festival shows are the best shows based upon the decision of a number of judges, but there is no way to look online and see if it is show that will interest you.  So, for $10.00 it is worth the risk.  $20.00 maybe not so much.  At least that is the way BLT looks at it.

Add to this confusion, BLT offers Date Night (the first Saturday of every production, where tickets are two for one, except during the Playwrights Festival).  More info for the tickets.  Then if you are on BLT’s mailing list and you bring in the postcard that BLT sends out before every show (or if you pick one up at a Burien business) you can get $2.00 off the ticket price for everyone in you party (except during the Playwrights Festival).  More info for the tickets.

Then there is the difference in price for general admission and students and seniors.  Then the box office has to keep track of comps, people with gift certificates, Fabulous Four Packs, Dinner and a Show, and Season Tickets.  A lot of info to get on one ticket, basically on the ticket stub.  Not all of it fits, so what can stay what has to come off and be remembered by the box office?

As you can see it is more like and art then a science, and it has to be explained to someone across the country using only email, who is three hours ahead of us (and I hate mornings).  Lucky I have a scanner, but even making the changes right on the tickets, after the first draft is done, does not guarantee success.

Anyway the tickets are all but ordered and they will be here for “Anna in the Tropics” on August 3rd.  (To order your tickets to “Anna in the Tropics” click here.)  At least I hope they will be here, instead of the final draft I was sent the first draft again (at least I hope that was the problem, and its 2:30: 5:30 Friday afternoon at Ticketcraft).  I have faith the tickets will make it in time despite what I see before me right now.

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  1. Betty Jo Chapin says:

    Eric ,continue to improve your health & don’t stress the small stuff. Muffin thinks fondly of you’all and we want to thank you for the Nanny service . BJ

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