A Clothing Donation

BLT thanks Mr. Mike Grant for his very kind donation of clothing from his wife, after she passed.  Mr. Grant gave BLT a huge amount of clothes and shoes.

BLT has limited space and Ms. Grant was a small woman, so as BLT explained, it will not keep all of the clothes it was given.  BLT will sort through all of them and keep what is iconic, that is, when you look at it you can say, “Gee, that’s from the 1970s,” or 60s or pick-your-time-frame.

Everything else will be given to the clothing bank at Transform Burien.  Transform Burien is located in the building just to the north of BLT in the Annex to the Community Center.  This is a relationship BLT has taken advantage of a number of times in the past.  That is to say, when BLT sorts costumes Transform Burien’s clothing bank is the recipient of any good condition clothes BLT surpluses.  It is a win-win.

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