BLT at Arts Crush 2012

PictureHello to BLT fans, Arts Crush fans, theatre fans, football fans who stumbled in here by mistake after the awesome Seahawks win last night.  (Stay awhile!)  Last weekend I experienced my first Seattle Arts Crush event, representing BLT.  And what an experience!  The who’s who of the Seattle area arts scene come out in force and you couldn’t ask for an easier way to network.  Barbara Reamer and Rochelle Flynn were our fearless volunteers manning the booth.  I was there to “help” but mostly did a lot of soaking-up of information.

BLT was nestled between the Northwest Folklife and Men in Dance (who had beautiful posters…check it out) and we got to chat with all sorts of lovely people.  Folks from Kirkland, folks from Seattle, folks who had lived in Burien for years, some who had seen BLT shows long ago.  If any of you readers stopped by our booth on Sunday, be sure to stop by the comment box, too, and say howdy!  (Shout out to […].)

A certain highlight of the event was the performance lineup.  The wonderful Rainbow City Band kicked it off with a rousing rendition of We Are Family–highly appropriate choice–3rd Shift Dance Company performed several numbers and Cabiri, with their gorgeous aerials and a stunning 20ft puppet from their spring show, wowed the crowed.  Bookending the other side of the  pavilion was harpist Leslie McMichael accompanying a series of silent films.  Being a particular fan of silent film, I was enthralled.

Finally, be sure to check out the Arts Crush blog for more information on the event and all the great performances going on this month…including BLT’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone opening this weekend (see HERE for tickets).  Don’t miss their First Arts Crush videos.  You can even upload your own!  But don’t forget to tell us all about your first arts crush in the comment section.  BLT loves to hear from you!

Text and photos by Maren Comendant
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