Drawings at BLT

One of the lesser known perks of coming to a show at BLT is that we hold a drawing every performance.  If you are willing to fill out BLT’s questionnaire with at least your name and put it the box in concessions marked “Questionnaires Here” you are eligible.

These questionnaires play a huge role in BLT’s planning and convincing the City of Burien to continue its support of BLT.  First, BLT finds out how you heard about the show.  That helps direct advertising dollars.  (No sense spending money if no one is seeing the ads.)  Second, and maybe most importantly, BLT finds out if you ate in Burien before the show or if you will eat in Burien after the show.  BLT uses that information to show the City Council that BLT brings money into the City.  BLT, like most arts organizations, is an economic driver to its community.  Typically 86.5% of our audience eats or drinks in Burien before or after one of BLT’s shows.  That is a win-win for everyone.

The drawing is for a $20 gift certificate to our fine sponsor The Mark Restaurant and Bar.  After the show (starting at 10 pm until closing) it is happy hour at the Mark where that $20 goes even further.

Here is a picture of one of our happy winners, Mindy Whitfield, standing next to me.  (That scarf was left in the theater and if not claimed will become part of BLT’s costumes next season.)

You too could be one of BLT’s lucky winners.  Next time you are at a show at BLT make sure to fill out the questionnaire and get it into the box in concessions.

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