Search for “BLT Burien”

This may not seem like much, but because I mess around with the BLT blog and website, and I am often in unknown territory, it was good to see that you can now search for, and find, BLT with the search phrase “blt burien.”

This is good on a couple of levels.  First, I have never been a fan of the name Burien Little Theatre.  It is a strong reference to BLT’s community theater heritage.  BLT has  long been doing theater of a much higher quality than can be called community theater.  BLT has looked at names like urban fringe and semiprofessional theater as descriptions for what BLT does.  None have proven to have legs, yet.

I am a fan of the name Better Live Theatre.  But that is just me.  (Leave a comment if you have an opinion about the name.)

The “Little” in BLT’s name is also often confused with children’s theater.  BLT does not do children’s theater.  There is another theater in town that has that based covered, and there is no need to compete with them directly for audience.  I am glad children’s theater exists, but I am not a fan.

BLT does shows aimed at grownups.  One look at any of BLT’s seasons and you can see that BLT is not for little children.  Most shows have a suggestion that those under 12 or 13 do not attend.  That may seem high based on what you can see on TV now, but the shows are not suitable for little kids.

One thing that I have heard discussed is using the initials BLT, much like A Contemporary Theater (ACT) does.  I could live with that, but the domain name has been long gone and it is not likely to become available.  So, being able to reach BLT with a search of “blt burien” is a step in the right direction.

Time will tell what happens with BLT’s name.  If the City of Burien removes BLT from its home of 33 years (in what is now called the Annex to the Burien Community Center), BLT may have to look out of town for a new home.  That would be sad and would force a name change, but for now I am pleased to see that a search for “blt burien” brings you to BLT’s current webpage.

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