Young Frankenstein the Musical – needs your help

Burien Little Theatre is the first non-professional theater in the country to get the rights to “Young Frankenstein the Musical.”  This is a coup.  But it comes with a price.  BLT must pay $4,000.00 in royalties within 30 days of getting the contract for the show in a few days.  That is $4,000.00 BLT does not have right now.  So BLT is asking for your help.

If BLT can raise the money it will be producing “Young Frankenstein the Musical” in September 2013.  That is why this is so hard, BLT must pay for the rights a full year ahead of production.  That is not how BLT is structured.

Every season BLT produces at least 4 main-stage productions, one of which is a musical.  (This year BLT added a show co-produced with the Latino Theatre Projects, for a total of five productions.)  In BLT’s 2012-13 season, this season, the musical is “Jesus Christ Superstar.”  BLT cast “Jesus Christ Superstar” with all women and is moving the setting into the future.  It will be a great new look at the classic musical.  Within 30 days BLT must also pay $4,000.00 for the rights to “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

The long and short is that in the next 30 days BLT needs $8,000.00 just to cover the royalties for its next two musicals.  Also due are the royalties for “Dead Man’s Cell Phone,” which opens on September 28, 2012.  (

So if you can help BLT with $8,000.00 or $10.00 or anything in between please help BLT out.  Every dollar will help BLT meet its royalties.  (You will also have BLT’s undying thanks and your name in BLT’s programs for the rest of the year!)  BLT would hate to see “Young Frankenstein the Musical” slip through its fingers after scoring this coup.

You can send a check to: BLT, PO Box 48121, Burien WA 98148 or call 206-242-5180 to use your credit or debit card click HERE.

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  1. David Ketcherside says:

    Have you thought about running a kickstarter campaign? Levels of contribution could include tickets to the show, dinner and the show, cocktails with the cast etc…. might get you everything you need.

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