Tuna starts

“A Tuna Christmas” is already in rehearsal.  Our actors and director are hard at work, but that is not all.  BLT’s design team is also at work.

The process of bringing a play to life takes months.  True, more work is crammed into the last few weeks, but the work starts long before that push.  The push comes because unlike most things in life, with theater, there is an absolute, no extensions allowed deadline.  Opening night is opening night, there is a party at BLT after the show, but it cannot be pushed back a few days because the paint is still wet.  The show must go on.

The sound designer will be recording voiceovers this weekend.  The set designer and one of BLT’s fine builders will begin set construction this coming week.  In fact, work will begin in earnest as soon as the “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” set comes down this Sunday.

That is life in theater.  Build a world; tear it down; build another world; repeat as needed.

Don’t get left out in the snow this Holiday Season, its time to get your tickets for “A Tuna Christmas.” And don’t miss the great ticket deals that are available right now.

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