BLT gives thanks

It’s the time of the year when we pause to give thanks.  BLT has much to give thanks for.  I have volunteered at BLT for over seven years.  I have seen the theater grow, both in quality and stature.  I have seen it go from people looking surprised and asking, “Burien has a live theater?” to people coming up to me in a store asking, “What is playing now at the theater?”

BLT has been blessed with wonderful donors who are making better live theater possible.  BLT donors give in every amount from $1 to $5,000.  Every donor is amazing, and every donation deeply appreciated.

BLT could not operate without the hundreds of hours of volunteer time put in by BLT’s fantastic volunteers.  BLT is all volunteer.  Because of their generous help, BLT is doing some of the best theater in the county.

BLT is most blessed by a great audience.  Theater is no fun to do for yourself and a handful of your friends.  BLT’s audience comes from Vancouver, B.C., Portland, Oregon, and everywhere in between. Most come from within 20 miles of the theater, but others drive for hours just to join in the fun here at BLT.

Finally, BLT gives thanks that its marvelous audience eats, drinks and shops in the Burien area before and after a show.  Your support of local businesses keeps BLT on the minds of local merchants and the Burien City Council.  Without your support of local businesses they would not support BLT, and BLT would go dark for good.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good show.

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