The table has a bullet hole

The table in “A Tuna Christmas” (tickets HERE) has a bullet hole in it, and a story.  BLT put out a call for a 1950’s table and chairs.  One of BLT’s supporters called with a table, but no chairs.  The caveat was that the table had a bullet hole in it.

BLT was happy to get a table and the hole was not that big.  When the table was delivered, we had to ask.  How did the table get shot?

It turns out the table was in a cabin the supporter had bought.  He was told the story by the prior owner.  The cabin occasionally gets rats in it.  The rats drove the prior owner crazy.  He was sitting at the table and saw a rat stick its head out from the wall.  The prior owner had been cleaning his pistol at the table.  He quickly put the gun back together and squeezed off a round.  Sadly, he not taken time to point the pistol very well.  The table took it in its top.  The bullet ricocheted and hit the wall across the room.

There is a good chance liquor was involved.

Luckily no one was hurt, not even the rat.  The table, however, bears the scar of the eventful day when it took a direct hit to save a rat.  Funny how those tables can just jump out in front of you with little or no warning.

So while you are watching “A Tuna Christmas,” remember the table is on stage despite its unhealed wound.

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