Tuna gets closer

“A Tuna Christmas” has been so much fun to get up on its feet.  BLT was decorating trees for Tuna and you could overhear things like, “Should the grenades go next to the bandoleer?  Or should we keep them apart?”  “Is this six gun too big to be at the top of the tree?”  “Who is going to trim the sage brush tree?”  “Does this tree look sad enough?”  “Grenades are hanging, can you hear them ticking?”  And other festive Holiday sayings.

The set is coming together, with just a few pieces left to paint.  The other details are coming together too.  Got the electric wheel chair and two chairs that will work with BLT’s new (donated) table.  (BLT may switch to a pair of other chairs, but no matter what we have some that work.)

Today is costume rehearsal.  With two actors playing 22 roles, costume changes have to be practiced and practiced again.  It has been hysterical.  Actors coming out with the Velcro mismatched, dresses that bunch, sleeves that are way too long, uneven breasts, zippers open, pants falling off, and mustaches that won’t stay on.  Around the seriousness of opening night being less than a week away we are all having a good laugh.  By tonight’s run through we will be all business, but for now a laugh is worth a white Christmas.

BLT’s friends at Discount Medical have provided BLT with an electric wheel chair.  It is for sale.  If you want/need one, this one can be purchased at the end of the run of “A Tuna Christmas.”  Discount Medical will consider reasonable offers.  Once BLT finds out what used electric wheel chairs are worth, BLT will likely have a post about it, but for now keep in mind while you watch the show that this chair is for sale.

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