Holiday shopping list

“A tuna Christmas” is being put to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in its head.  On to “Jesus Christ Superstar,” set in the future and cast with all women.

You thought you had a tough Holiday shopping list.  Think about BLT.

Every show has a few things that are hard to find.  “Jesus Christ Superstar” is no different.  At the first design meeting, which took place while “A Tuna Christmas” was still running, BLT was reminded that the set design, right now, calls for a trashed car to be on stage.  Right.

Spent time going to junkyards asking about cheap wrecked cars that come with free delivery and pick up.  Not only that it has to fit through the doors at BLT’s theater space.  Yep, did that with a straight face.

I have a possible lead.  Time will tell.

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