LEDs come to BLT

In its constant effort to provide you with better live theater, BLT just bought 12 new LED  lighting instruments.  BLT will be using them for top light.  (That is the light that comes down from over the heads of the actors.)  BLT could never have done this without the support of BLT’s fantastic donors and a couple of grants from 4Culture.  Without support and patrons theater could not survive.  Without you theater could not survive.

LED lights have many advantages over standard theater lighting instruments.  They use less power, making theater greener.  They can change color meaning no need for gels.  (Wikipedia entry on gels.)  This saves money.  Not only can the light the LEDs produce change color but it can change color without having to get a ladder out to change anything.  That means the light the LEDs make can be one color during part of the show and a different color in another part of the show without adding a new instrument or changing gels.  So very cool.

It will take a week or so for the lights to be delivered and some time to get them installed.  It is long technical story that I am just coming up to speed on, but LED lights do not need dimmer packs.  Basically they are plugged into a wall socket and then a dimmer board tells them to change color.  The instruction to change color comes through a DMX cable.  So BLT must wire the stage to accept these new lights and add the DMX cable before BLT can use the new lights.  That will take a little while, but hopefully they will be up before the all female version of the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar.”  (Get tickets HERE.)

BLT will also be moving some of the existing circuits used by BLT’s existing traditional top lights out from behind the stage on to the lighting grid in front of the stage.  This means more lighting positions out front, which means better lighting, which means you get a better theater experience.

To those who helped make this possible, and those who will donate or continue to donate to BLT, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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