Break a leg BLT

There is much good news in the wind here in Burien.  Burien is looking for a way to come together and celebrate what is has to offer the world.  What better place than the arts community to lead this charge?

BLT has had another meeting on what can possibly be a great step forward for BLT and the arts community in Burien.  This is so much fun, but it is all still up in the air.  It could all come apart, but hopefully it will take off like a wild fire.  BLT will keep you posted, as much as it can, but for now the planning and meetings are all on the Q.T.

What would you like to see for BLT and arts in Burien?  Let us know as plans may start to be sketched out sooner than later.

Here’s to wishing BLT and the arts in Burien break a leg.

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