Busy week at BLT

It has been a busy week at BLT.  We were able to clean out more of our storage.  If the gods act like usual, we will now need all of the stuff we have not used for many seasons that finally took a trip to the storage space in the sky.  Thank you Eric (the builder) and Eric.

Rehearsals for “Jesus Christ Superstar” continue in earnest.  What a great cast.  What great designers.  What great directors, musical and theatrical.  It sounds better and better every time I stop by.  This show will knock your socks off.

Tickets are already selling for the shows.  Get yours HERE.  And don’t miss the ticket DEALS.  Come early, stay late, but don’t miss this show.

BLT arranged for its first stagehand to work on “Jesus Christ Superstar.”  It has a mic wrangler in place.  Still need a few more people backstage and in the booth, but they will come together soon.

The electric drum set BLT will be using for the show arrived.  I am looking forward to that.  Maybe no drum shield this time?

BLT’s sound board was cleaned and will be back in the booth very soon.  Thank you Ed at Efex Electronics.  We also added some new storage space up in the booth.  Now to get some of that stuff off the floor and to where we can easily find it.  Craig?

The set for “Jesus Christ Superstar” is under construction.  It was up enough to try some dance steps on it on Saturday, but was taken down to strengthen it before full rehearsals begin on it.  Thank you Russ.  The painting has begun too.  Thank you Nathan.  I think this will be a fun one.  Today was base coating.  Thank you Elizabeth, Melani and Maggie.

Soon BLT will be sampling drinks to find that “just right” cocktail for concessions.  I look forward to this although before you find the right combination, it can be less than perfect.  Still, I’ll take one for the team to be one of the samplers.

BLT’s 12 new LED top lights are in shipment.  We expected the first of them on Friday, but were told there was a little weather hold up, so Monday or Tuesday the boxes should start to arrive.  Then to get them installed and ready before the set of “Jesus Christ Superstar” makes that impossible.  Dave?

On the growth for the arts front, BLT met with some Burien civic leaders and some of the City Council this week.  More next week.  Hopefully, by the end of the month we can start to talk about some of the exciting possibilities within reach in Burien.  (Sure everything could fall apart with this many balls in the air, but if you do not dream, you are stuck right where you are.)  Right now I can say that if all of this moves forward there will big exciting changes for the Burien arts scene.  Not just BLT is in the mix.  Culture and arts could well move Burien forward together.  Great fun and a great chance to bring Burien together in support of the arts.  I could see Burien as a major arts destination with plenty of things to do in town before coming to see better live theater at BLT.

Heard back from all of the winners of the Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival.  Looking for directors, then actors, then designers and on with the Festival in May.

BLT could not do what it does without the many volunteers and the fantastic donors that make all of this possible.  It is painfully clear to me when we are this busy just how much every one of you mean to BLT.  Without you there would be no better live theater.

A new year, a new show and a world of possibilities.

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