Moving forward

Will BLT move forward?  Not without your help and not without helping all of the other arts in the Burien area.  How’s that?

First, BLT needs you to donate your time and money.  Let me explain.  BLT has a list of new things to get done this year.  From new equipment to new shows and a change in its business model.  But to get even half of that list done BLT needs your help.  BLT needs your help getting its shows up: builders, painters, lighting techs, stage managers, sound techs, stagehands, still photographers and videographers to name just a few.  For example, BLT would like to start using its Youtube channel, but to that BLT needs someone willing to shoot video and to edit it.  That could be two people, it could be one.

BLT’s front of house needs volunteers.  Wouldn’t it be great if BLT had fixed office hours, even if it was just a few hours a week?  But someone must volunteer to be there every week.  BLT also would like help selling tickets, working the box office and the like.   Maybe you want to sell ads for BLT program?  If you can think of it, BLT needs your help to get it done.  It is mid season, the New Year just started, and it is a great time to fulfill that resolution to help others and to have a great time meeting wonderful people by volunteering at BLT.

Don’t have time?  BLT also needs your financial donations.  Everything BLT uses costs more, from the royalties BLT pays to get the shows you see to the paint and wood BLT uses to build its sets.  Burien is doubling BLT’s rent over the next three years.  Without a major increase in donations that could spell the end of BLT.  Currently, BLT’s budget cannot handle that strain.

I have a personal stake in increasing the donations to BLT.  Before the season started BLT invited donors to a party to thank them, ask them questions about what they like and did not like about last season, and answer their questions.  One question I was asked was how much did I want from donations for the 2012-13 season?  Without hesitation I said I wanted to see BLT’s donations double this year.  BLT is just $5,000.00 short of meeting that goal.  That is not as much as it sounds.  If everyone who comes to see “Jesus Christ Superstar donated just $3.50, BLT will exceed this goal.  Think of it as everyone buying me a latte.  See, not that bad.

If BLT doubles it donations this year BLT’s board president said he will join me on stage and admit that he thought I was asking too much from BLT’s fantastic donors, but that he was wrong and I was right.  You can turn a doubter into a believer and get a public thank you by donating.  (Big smile on my face.)  It’s a win – win.

Finally, BLT can only continue to grow if all the arts in Burien grow.  BLT is working on a deal that can give the arts in Burien a huge boost.  It is too early to know if anything will leave the on paper stage, but the energy is great and Burien is ready for some very good and exciting arts news.  But this will not be just about BLT, although BLT will grow out of it, it will also give all sorts of arts a platform that I could not have imagined even two weeks ago.  That is how quickly things change.

To make BLT’s dream come true BLT needs your donation of time and or money.  Yes, I am looking at you.  How about it?  To volunteer email [email protected], you can donate HERE.

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