A thought on giving

At BLT we think a lot about fundraising.  Without the kind generosity of BLT’s many donors, BLT could not produce shows like “Jesus Christ Superstar.”  Ticket sales, although very important, do not come close to covering BLT’s annual budget.  (This is true of most all arts organizations.)  While doing some research on fundraising, I ran across this.  It sums up fundraising better than anything I have seen in a very long time:

… most people are stuck working … [at jobs] they don’t love. Doing things totally unrelated to their values. As fundraisers, we get to re-introduce them to what makes them human. We are like archaeologists. We get to dig down and uncover a person’s core values. We help them brush off the dirt and sweep away the cobwebs.

It’s wonderful to see people reconnect with their core values! But we do even more. We get to connect them with something wired even deeper into us as human beings. We get to reconnect them with generosity. We show them areas where their core values line up with our nonprofit’s values. And we ask them to invest in them.

When donors realize they can invest in their core values through our nonprofit, their eyes light up! All of a sudden their … hours of work take on a whole new meaning.

Thank you the Art of Fundraising.  Thank you BLT’s donors!

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