A way to count

BLT brings customers and dollars to Burien.  William Harding crunches numbers.  He is crunching some of BLT’s numbers and BLT is learning more about you and just how much BLT is helping the economy in Burien.  Check out his most recent post about theses numbers HERE.

It is not surprising that BLT is a leader in Burien’s economic growth.  According to the cover story in ICMA Public Management Magazine, Oct, 2008, Vol 90, No. 9, the return on government investment in the arts in King County is 7 to 1.  Much higher than sports which is 2 to 1.  In fact, there is no higher return to a community than investment in the arts.

BLT is an economic engine in Burien.  Come to see “Jesus Christ Superstar” and enjoy a dinner in Burien before the show.  Have drinks and coffee after the show.  Enjoy the dinner and show package at the Mark Restaurant and Bar.  (Or join the cast and crew at the Mark Restaurant and Bar after the show.)  After all, a spectacle like the all female version of “Jesus Christ Superstar” only comes around once in a life time.  Get your tickets HERE.

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