Maggie testifies

Maggie, the managing director of BLT, was in Olympia today testifying in favor of a few bills pending in the State Legislature. At issue is the ability of theaters to allow liquor into the seating area. Right now that is not legal. Hence, BLT limits liquor consumption to its concessions area.

However, there are bills this legislative session that would allow liquor into the seating area at a theater. SB 5111 (Senate Bill)(the companion bill to HB 1001)(House Bill) – creating a an expanded beer and wine theater license and SB 5607 that extends the language to include spirits – concerning beer, wine, and spirits theater licenses.  The passage of these bills would allow patrons to bring alcoholic beverages into the theater to finish their drinks.

Please contact your State representative and let them know you would like to be able to finish your drink in your seat while you enjoy theater. Feel free to reference the bill numbers.

Update 2/11/13 with citation to WAC in question:  There is a WAC that explicitly prohibits any alcohol in the seating area of any theater. WAC Rule 314-02-090. Nonprofit Arts Organization license makes no exception and specifically does not allow for alcohol consumption in the theater seating area.

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