New space news

BLT got some very good news about its long path to a possible new home yesterday.  Sadly it is still very hard to talk about just yet.  There are still just too many balls up in the air.  But one big hurdle was passed.  This is really good news, as there could have been a dead stop yesterday, but instead BLT got a green light.

To make this plan work, if it continues to go forward, BLT will need to dedicate much more of Maggie’s time to getting BLT into a new home.  Although she has been a volunteer managing director to date, she should be paid for this herculean effort.  If things go forward, look forward to a fund drive dedicated to fund a BLT position to head-up BLT’s efforts to get a new home.  Followed by a drive to pay for BLT’s portion of the new space.

If you simply cannot wait to get on board the new space train, you can make your tax deductible online donation to BLT HERE, or send a check made payable to BLT to BLT, P.O. Box 48121, Burien, WA 98148.

More good news on BLT getting a new space to come, hopefully.

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