Thank you 4Culture

BLT thanks 4Culture for its very kind sustaining grant.  In the world of theater financing (if you can call it that), ticket sales should meet about 40% of the non-profit’s income.  With BLT, ticket sales make up more like 70%.  That is something BLT is looking to change.  No doubt this 4Culture grant helps BLT provide you with better live theater.

So where does the rest of the money come from?  Individual donors make up a big share.  Especially as government funding has dwindled.  This is poor planing on the part of governments as the return on public money invested in the arts in King County (and the rest of the country) is 7 to 1.  For every dollar invested in the Arts the local community makes $7 in increased revenue.  IMCA, Public Management, Harnessing the Power of the Arts, Capitalizing on the Economic Power of the Creative Industry, Vol. 90, No. 9 (Oct. 2008)(cover story).  Then there are foundations which make grants which also help meet the budget.

But I digress.

4Culture awarded BLT a sustaining grant, that should, barring anything unforeseen, be renewed next year.  What a wonderful thing.  Thank you 4Culture.

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