Today’s my birthday

Today is my birthday.  So, you want to give me a present!  How sweet.  Let me tell you a short story and then you can see what I want.

Just before BLT’s 33rd season started BLT had a thank-you-party for its donors and season ticket holders.  At the party, while on stage, a donor asked me what BLT’s goal was for fund raising for the 2012-13 season.  Without hesitation I said to double BLT’s donations.

As soon as I left the stage BLT’s Board President told me I had set the goal too high.  He said that if BLT doubled its donations this season he would come on stage with me and personally thank the donors, admitting he doubted how generous you really are.

I know you, I knew you.  You are very generous and kind to BLT, supporting better live theater every chance you can.  I knew you would make those tax deductible donations.  Donations have kept coming in amounts from $2 to $5,000.  It has taken my breath away.

So here we are.  BLT’s third production of the season, “Jesus Christ Superstar,” is half over.  Only one more production this season, and it is my birthday.  BLT is just $4,244 away from doubling its donations from last season!

So make my day.  Donate online or send me a note and a donation to BLT, P.O. Box 48121, Burien, WA 98148.


Afterword/update by Craig: If you can’t get that donation out this week, don’t worry. My birthday is next week, so there’s no reason at all to think that it’s too late.

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