What would St. Patrick do?

This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day.  On that day, everyone is Irish.  So, at this last weekend’s all-female “Jesus Christ Superstar” the obvious question was asked, “Would St. Patrick drink green beer before, after or at the intermission to ‘Jesus Christ Superstar?’”

This is no small question.  With only two more weekends of “Jesus Christ Superstar” time is running out to see the show.  This Sunday’s matinee falls on St. Pat’s Day.  So how to handle the nagging question, “What would St. Patrick do?”

The clearest solution is that St. Pat would come see “Jesus Christ Superstar” on Friday at 8 pm or Saturday at 8 thereby having Sunday free.  But what if St. Pat likes matinees or that is the only time the Sainted-one can make it?  The Sunday matinee starts at 2 pm.  So St. Pat could have a drink before the show.  “Jesus Christ Superstar” lasts about 2 hours, so St. Pat could wait and drink after the show.  However, the best choice seems to be St. Patrick could have beer, wine, an OMG or a God’s Child (the latter two are BLT’s tasty cocktails) served during intermission at “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

By having a drink in concessions at intermission St. Patrick could see a fabulous show and help BLT by buying concessions.  Of course, if St. Pat did not want to drink liquor, BLT’s concessions also has coffee (regular and decaf), tea, fruit drinks and water.  Not to mention a number of wonderful food items including fresh baked brownies and fruit bars.

After much discussion, everyone agreed on two things: (1) the all-female “Jesus Christ Superstar” is an amazing show that must not be missed; and (2) it must be at least a venial sin to not come and see “Jesus Christ Superstar” at BLT this weekend.

Get tickets HERE.

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