“The Maury Island Incident” read through

BLT was able to help out the movie project “The Maury Island Incident” Thursday by MIIAdforBLTsponsoring the first read through of the movie’s script.  (In full disclosure “The Maury Island Incident” is a sponsor of the Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival starting in May at BLT.)  BLT provided actors for the first read through of the script.  BLT wishes it could do more, but BLT’s landlord is adamant that BLT does not use its space to help local movies.  (Sigh.)

The first read through of a movie, it turns out, is much like the first read of a play.  BLT supplied an actor for every role, the actors were give the script to read before the read through.  They were also required to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

With no real direction, other than what they could glean from the script itself, the actors read the script out loud.  Each actor read their lines as though they were the character.

Since the writer and director were at the read through there was a talkback with the actors, where each actor could say what worked in the script and what did not work.  If the writer had not been there this feed back would have gone to the director so he or she had an idea what to work on to reach the director’s vision of the show.

In the case of “The Maury Island Incident,” the feed back was robust and, I thought, very constructive.  Although it must be said, for a first read through, the script was very good and the feed back was more about tweaks rather than changes.

After the actors left there was a meeting of the producers and some of the production team.  Again, very interesting, more for its similarities to live theater than its differences.  There was some discussion of the script, again, because the writer was present, but most of the meeting had to do with production questions.  Where to find what (props and set pieces), and expected days of shooting.  This was very similar to the first production meeting of a play.

Overall BLT was very pleased to be part of this project.  BLT loves the arts and loves to support them.  This short movie will be worth seeing.

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