First read of “Beauty of the Father”

First read through of “Beauty of the Father.”  What a great cast.  What a beautiful show.1011698_10151664934114691_1029291000_n

For those who have never been through a first read, this is where the cast meets each other for the first time.  During the audition process, no one knows who is cast.  Often you end up working with an actor you have never met before.  For this show there were about 30 people auditioning over a three days plus a few audition times for people who just could not meet during the set audition times.  From that, five actors were selected.

The director and stage manager, of course, were at the first read.  Also there where some of the designers .  We all get a tour of the space.  Walk on the stage.  Look over the dressing rooms.  Get the lowdown.   The dos and don’ts of the space.  Then the actors sit down and read the script together for the very first time.

This show is beautiful, funny, touching and deeply engrossing.  BLT (BAT) and the Latino Theatre Projects will add their own spin and twist to this amazing script.  If you had heard the director Michael Blum’s comments on his vision, you would have already bought your tickets to make sure you did not miss this one.

The set design is a number of pencil drawings, soon to be finished in CAD.  Actors are measured for costumes.  Ah … it is like a freshly painted room.  It is the first day of school.  It is a first date.  Full of possibilities.  With nothing but fun and hard work in front of us all.

Plan now, “Beauty of the Father” runs every weekend during August.  TICKETS.

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