Volunteer at BAT (BLT)

Met a new volunteer yesterday, he was at the first read through of “Beauty of the Father.”  Jim is a good guy.  He has a needed skill set, seems like he is easy to work with and ready to go.  All good things.  8459720503_1e535e86b7

Volunteers are the heart and soul of BLT (BAT).  They do all of the heavy lifting, and all of the light lifting too.  None of us at BAT really get paid.  Some get a very small stipend, but nothing near what they are worth.

This last year BAT’s donors increased their giving.  (Thank you, thank you, thank you.) This nudged BAT away from the abyss of going broke.  Something that plagues all small (and some large, think Intiman) theaters.  BAT still is not able to make this a paying profession, but BAT is working on that.  (You can donate HERE to make dreams come true, or not.)  Needless to say, without the countless hours and kindness of BAT’s volunteers, there would be no better live theater in Burien.

So, one new volunteer for the 2013-14 season!  Now if all of BAT’s volunteers from last season come back, BAT is that much closer.

Do you want to volunteer?  BAT can use your help. BAT needs all kinds of things.  How about office help and tickets sales?  How about selling ads and putting up posters?  How about grant writing and bookkeeping?  How about . . . whatever you like to do?

A new season, a great time to join in the fun.  If you want to play with BAT, email [email protected]

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