A lending library

BAT has been given another 4 boxes of books of scripts and books on theater.  We love those kinds of donations.  Thank you to the fine donor.images

BAT now has a fair number of boxes of scripts and books.  So some of us were talking during the build for “Beauty of the Father,” what could BAT do to make these available to our donors, patrons and fans?  But how?

BAT is looking at some kind of a lending library for the books and scripts.  What it may look like is still up in the air.  Any suggestions would be carefully studied.

This, like all of BAT, would be volunteer driven.  So BAT is looking for some volunteers to run the library.  BAT was just given some bookcases, so that’s a start.

It may be in the future, but it is fun think about what a BAT library would look like.  Holy book return BAT fan!

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