Meet the cast – “Beauty of the Father”

This time meet Matt Aguayo.  A firm believer that dancingc2f040210951440a2fb3d43bbee156dc_vior through life is the best choice one can make, Matt is a self-proclaimed magician and merry-maker in all things art.  Matt holds a BFA in Original Works from Cornish College of the Arts and is an active member in Seattle’s thriving theatrical community.  Often, he dreams of whimsical soundscapes and fluff-filled phantoms. Matt would like to thank the amazing artists that surround him for being continual sources of inspiration.

In “Beauty of the Father,” Matt is portraying Karim, a Moroccan immigrant who has been living with the artist Emiliano in his seaside home.  In order to keep Karim close, Emiliano arranged for Karim to marry his platonic companion Paquita so that he can remain in Spain.  When Emiliano’s daughter comes from the US to meet her father once again, Karim is drawn to her, threatening his relationship with Emiliano and his very security.

Matt is a dynamic young actor who is breathing life into a complex character.  You may find yourself attracted to him yourself!

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