First run through of Young Frank

Sitting through tech rehearsal.  The first full run through with the band and costumes.  Young Frankenstein is lookin’ good.

At this point, everything is new to the actors.  They have also been sitting, mostly, through the tech rehearsal where the tech crew got its first time to get to know where things go, when the cues will be called and most importantly to learn the flow.  By the time you see the show it will be seamless.

This too is when the work of so many begins to gel into better live theater.  It amazes me IMG_3303how many people it takes to being a script to life.  The first tech run-through is one of the most exciting parts of the process.

From this point forward things tighten up.  The time it takes to get things done shortens and the actors get used to lights, music and sound effects.  (With any luck the set is painted by now – not quite tonight.)

The rest of the changes this week will come from set dressing and tweaking the cues to get them just right.

Young Frank opens this Friday.  Tickets are $20 general admission and $17 for students, seniors and active military.  Get your tickets HERE.  If you wear a top hat on opening night you get $5 off you ticket price when you buy your ticket at the door.

Don’t forget the opening night party!  BAT celebrates opening night with free food and drink.  Meet the actors, crew and directors.  It is good time and a wonderful tradition.

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