Give to BAT, have your donation matched, and let your brain “churn out a pleasurable response”

A very interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about why we give.  “[T]he latest dollar-signscience shows that, in fact, we are also hard-wired to be generous.”  Of course at BAT we know that.  Our donors, like you, are hard-wired to be generous!

My favorite part of the article says, “While analyzing the study’s results, Dr. Grafman’s colleague Jorge Moll came up to him and said, “You’re not going to believe this.” The scans revealed that when people made the decision to donate to what they felt was a worthy organization, parts of the midbrain lit up—the same region that controls cravings for food and sex, and the same region that became active when the subjects added money to their personal reward accounts.

Gradually, Dr. Grafman began to realize how this finding made sense. While we often tend to think of altruism as a kind of sophisticated moral capacity we use to squelch our urges to dominate others, this new evidence suggests that giving is actually inherently rewarding: The brain churns out a pleasurable response when we engage in it.”

So, take a moment and let your brain “churn out a pleasurable response” and give to BAT.  Remember through the end of Young Frankenstein, October 27, your donation is doubled!!!  Good for you, good for BAT!

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