Happy Hour at BAT

Although BAT did not plan it, it is clear that Happy Hour at BAT is fast becoming a tradition for many of BAT’s patrons. Evening shows start of 8 pm, but many are coming just after 7 and enjoying a cocktail and food in concessions. A chance to chat and relax before seeing better live theater.

Before every production the crack team of BAT mixologists gather during tech week and CIMG1106create and sample and resample cocktail mixes to get two unique cocktails just right. (Funny how many more volunteers are at BAT that night.)

Once the recipe is just right the recipe is handed off the Elaine, the best bartender in the theater world, and the bar is open for business.

For Young Frankenstein the two cocktails are monstrously good. First, with a great green color, is “It’s Alive.”  That great color comes from a back-from-the-dead mixture of melon liqueur, Irish whiskey, and Irish cream.

CIMG1107The second is “A Roll in Ze Hay.”  Who doesn’t want a roll in ze hay?  It is a tasty combination of Black Raspberry liqueur, gin, pineapple juice and ginger ale.  Nothing is more satisfying than a Roil in Ze Hay!  During the cold and flu season BAT is watching out for your health with and extra dose of vitamin C.

Come early, have as drink and a snack. Stay late. Join BAT for the musical comedy Young Frankenstein. The show must end October 27. Get your tickets HERE.

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