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“Coney Island Christmas” is a wonderfully funny show about getting along.  There is someWebArt-ConeyIsland Yiddish phrases used in the script.  To help you follow along without straining, the following is a glossary of Yiddish terms found in the script.  The particular spellings given are taken from the script as the playwright intended.  There are alternative spellings and pronunciations for many of these words.

Mishugeh – Crazy, nuts

Chanukah – Jewish holiday, The Festival Of Lights, lasts for 8 nights

Dreck – garbage, crap, or a word we won’t say because it’s a family show!

Latkes – potato pancakes with onions traditionally served during Chanukah

Gefilte fish – a dish often served at Passover, another holiday (maybe another show?)

Bubeleh– a term of endearment like “sweetie” often said to a child

Shabbos (sometimes also called Shabbat) – the Sabbath . For Jews this is from sundownimgres-2 on Friday to sundown on Saturday.

Brucha – blessing

Wisenheimer– the wise guy, class clown

Schissel – bowl

Shtetl – a small town with a large Jewish population

Oy Vey! – an expression literally meaning Oh Woe! but used to mean Oh, my goodness, or Oh God, etc. Sometimes just – Oy!

Gentile – Non Jewish person

Goyim – More of a slang term for non-Jews, sometimes used derogatively.

A Shanda for the Goyim – an act committed by a Jew that is so embarrassing that it offends other Jews and makes them look bad to all

Schlep – to carry or move about, often with difficulty

Pogrom – a violent massacre or persecution carried out against a particular ethnic group

Gay shluffen! – Go to sleep!

Good Shabbos!– A greeting that Jews say to each other on the Sabbath

Ferkokta – lousy, ridiculous

Farshtunkeneh – stinky, bad smelling

Schnapps – any kind of strong alcoholic drink

L’Chaim! – a toast meaning, “To Life!”

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