“Noises Off” on the set

The “Noises Off” cast got on the set for the first time last night.  They were very happy and images-1a bit out of sorts.  Imagine going from tape on the floor to a real live 2 store / 3-D set.  The first time on the set is always a little off-putting for actors, but that is doubled with a two-story set with real stairs and doors.

Over all, things went well.

Now step back and remember BAT is not in its home.  It is in the old Staples space at 14907 4th Avenue SW, Burien.  The space is not a theater.  It is a BIG building on its way to a becoming a “pop-up” theater.  (It will get there, but it is not there yet.)  BAT just got the keys on Friday, and it has come a long way in just a few days.

“Noises Off” the road show about the road show “Nothing On.”

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