“Noises Off” opens!!!

Tonight is the night of nights, no more rehearsing upon.”  “Noises Off” opens tonight!  Inoises-web-art can see why people say this is the funniest show ever written, and in BAT’s case, the funniest show ever performed.

To say this has been a joinery is an understatement.  The director and cast have risen to meet one of the most challenging scripts ever written.  Not only are there lines, blocking, running up stairs and slamming doors, but there are sardines!

Albie, the set designer, created an amazing, movable, set.  First it was built off site, then loaded into a truck and moved into BAT’s temporary home.  Once in the space, it moves round and round.  Amazing.

BAT’s crew and volunteers have taken a huge empty retail space (14907 4th Avenue SW, Burien) and turned it into a pop-up theater space.  (BAT misses its old roost.)  Moving, cleaning, painting, more cleaning, and then making a cavern (BAT-cave?) into a welcoming place to watch “Noises Off.”  Looking back, who’s idea was this?

Then there are the people who made the use of the space possible.  Empty spaces don’t just “appear.”  There are leases to work out, permits to get, inspections to pass, rent to paid, bathrooms to fix, and signs to hang.

Finally, there are those who are able to donate, to cover the outrageous cost of renting space and creating a pop-up theater.  (Join them HERE.)

“Noises Off” would not have opened without everyone doing there part, and more.

But that is past.  The future is a 5 week run, opening tonight!

Opening weekend at BAT, there are a few special deals worth mentioning:search-1

February 21:    Bring your “favorite” sardine recipe to the box office and get $5 off your ticket price.  There’ll be a searchlight and an opening night party.  Come to show, and stay for the party!

February 22:    Tickets are 2-for-1.  Wow!

February 23:    Tickets are $7.  Seven-dollar-Sunday!

After that, general admission is $20, Student, senior and active military tickets are $17.  On the Sunday matinees, in March, all tickets are $17.

But that is not all!

Every Saturday in March, BAT is joining with Turbo Turkey to bring more late night TurboTurkeynew-alternatelaughs to Burien.  Saturdays in March, from 11 pm to Midnight, BAT is presenting improv.  It is a pass-the-hat show, so laugh, laugh, laugh and donate, or the actors may be waiting in the parking lot to clean your car window and asking for change out there.

Tonight, at 8, is just the beginning of something very special.

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